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As the owner of Atlas Design Studio, Katie has planned and designed hundreds of weddings and corporate events. Whether it is fashion, interiors or events, Katie has always had a passion for design and styling. After spending some time in New York, she came back to her roots in Santa Cruz and found her true passion designing weddings up and down the California coast!

Outside of the office, you can most often find Katie at the beach with her golden retriever and a glass of wine, or scheming a trip to Mexico to enjoy a fish taco and margarita.

Katie believes your event should be stress free and something to celebrate, and she will be there every step of the way to ensure a beautifully designed and well executed event.



Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Chelsea is a lover of wine, cheese, and the sea. She began her career in restaurants and worked her way up the ladder, eventually finding what she loved most- events.

She was Katie's first protege before Atlas was conceptualized. After Atlas Design Studio was founded, Katie was adamant on having Chelsea on the team. Chelsea joined in 2021 and has never been happier working with her fross - Friend Boss (a term Chelsea is trying to make happen).

With experience conducting and designing a variety of events, from corporate to weddings, Chelsea is a people person and will listen to you every step of the way, while adding her expertise. She will be your biggest advocate, from the first planning steps, to when you're walking down the aisle!

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