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Today is all about wedding floral. Flowers are one of the biggest ways to decorate and make a beautiful impact on your wedding day. If you are looking to lower your budget, do not cut floral! You can easily decrease the budget elsewhere with rentals or even the bar if need be (although all of these aspects are important, it is crucial to have a realistic budget from the start), but allow yourself to get creative with flowers!

One of the hardest parts with getting a quote from the florist is knowing what to even ask for. You may have an idea of the types of flowers or colors that you like, but how do you figure out where you may need floral? To help give you a general idea of what you may want for your wedding day, here is a checklist of floral options:

Wedding Party/Guests:

  • Bouquets and boutonnieres for bride/bridal party and groom/grooms party

  • Hair flowers

  • Corsages/Boutonnières for family/officiant

  • Petals/flowers for the flower girls

Ceremony Floral:

  • Altar - some florists rent arches, chuppahs, or altars as well and can add floral or drapery to it

  • Aisle - either at the back, front of all along the aisle

  • Chairs - if you prefer hanging floral among the chairs

  • Welcome sign

  • Welcome drink station

  • Welcome table - with gifts, cards, guestbook, etc.

Cocktail Floral:

  • Cocktail tables

  • Bar

  • Water station

  • Welcome table (if table changes from ceremony area)

  • Lounge

Reception Floral:

  • Dinner tables - some florists rent candles as well, you typically have 1 table per 6-8 guests

  • Place setting - should you want a sprig or additional item at each setting

  • Seating chart/Escort card table

  • Dessert table

  • Additional signage

  • Food tables (buffet if applicable)

  • Hanging floral for market lights/chandeliers

  • Additional cocktail tables/lounges or bar if applicable in dancing area

Make sure when you receive a quote that it includes delivery, installation and clean up at the end of the event. With this guide you should be able to get a good idea on what to ask for regarding your wedding day floral needs!


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